Our Story

Gigglebuns is an initiative that stems from our passion as two dedicated moms, Reena Jain & Nandita Gupta.

Being moms ourselves, we know how important it is to make a child wear clothes, which is a perfect combination of comfort, style and simplicity. Modern, aesthetic and iconic prints of Giggle Buns clothing are unique to the baby industry and is our biggest plus. Influenced by stories we hear, scenes we see, colours that inspire, there is a story behind each one of our designs.

Our aim is to keep the fun element for your child alive and brighten up their day. The thought of nightsuits came to us because a good night sleep is a fundamental to child’s good health.

Hence we started our journey of creating nightwear’s which were affordable and comfortable. From night suits we moved on to expand to a much wider range which now includes ethnicwear, shirts, blankets and swaddles.